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A Step On the Sun
Janet Biggs, 2012

Single-channel, high definition video, 16:9 format
Time: 9:05
Edition of 5, plus 2 APs

Five channel installation.
Time 09:22
Unique piece

Video excerpt (Original is high definition):

In “A Step On the Sun,” the artist focuses on hardships overcome by a sulfur miner in the Ijen volcano, in the East Java province of Indonesia. Biggs’s video centers around a crater situated almost two miles above sea level, which houses the world’s largest sulfuric lake. We watch as the miner collects hardened sulfur crystals and packs them into a basket. Amid clouds of toxic sulfur dioxide gas, he carries heavy loads up a steep, rocky path from the crater floor to the rim, then to a distant weigh-station. The footage confronts us with a provocative mixture of natural beauty and human exploitation.


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